The divide is wide, but it can be crossed.


New Bridge Strategy was founded in the belief that the divisions we see are not insurmountable chasms, but opportunities for connection.  We listen to people through a wide range of opinion research tools on behalf of public policy efforts and campaigns, and we use what we learn to construct individualized strategies, communication guidance, and campaign plans to help you reach across the divide.



New Bridge Strategy provides personalized attention that does not end when the research is completed.  We are partners throughout the effort. We know how to make research actionable for our clients.

Who We Help

We provide the support that helps our clients build connections – whether you need to create a winning majority in a campaign or communicate to fragmented audiences. Our clients span many interests and industries …


We conduct research to understand where people are and how we can create the connections that help our clients bridge divides. Opinion research is the foundation of this work – both qualitative & quantitative surveys.


“What is the core problem facing America today? It is division: The growing gaps between rich and poor, rural and urban, educated and less educated, black and white, left and right.” ~ David Brooks