The first thing you need to build a bridge is a support. 

We provide the support that helps our clients build connections – whether you need to create a winning majority in a campaign or communicate to fragmented audiences. We help you find the solidity of a starting point from which to bridge the divisions your effort confronts – be those political, gender, or social. We have spent years listening to voters, consumers and employees; seeing what makes heads start to nod; and then building messaging and strategies that extend from that firm foundation of unity.

In a seemingly divided country, Americans continue to tell us that they want people to come together – whether as a nation, in the work place, or in their communities.  At New Bridge, we are in the business of helping forge connections - across party lines, across generations, across geographies, and across information gaps. 

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Lori Weigel is the Principal of New Bridge Strategy, a research firm based in Colorado.  Weigel has directed research efforts for hundreds of political and public affairs campaigns throughout the country, including assisting with efforts at the presidential level four times. With roots in Republican politics, she focuses on helping her clients bridge partisan divides and create winning majorities. 

Her political work today is primarily focused on polling for and against ballot measures. She has polled on behalf of the winning side of ballot measure campaigns in states as varied as Arkansas, Illinois, Oregon, Washington, California, New Jersey, Florida, Maine, and Colorado.  In the 2018 election, the 18 ballot measures on which she conducted the research were all victorious.  

Her experience polling on policy issues extends to such varied areas as health care, energy, land use, food and alcohol regulation, recreation, technology, tort reform/litigation, corporate image, employee/union relations and crisis management.

Formerly serving as the political pollster for Denver’s News 4 and the Rocky Mountain News, she is frequently quoted on politics, including in The New York Times, the New Republic, and other major publications.  

Weigel was a partner for over twenty years with Public Opinion Strategies, the largest Republican polling firm in the country. She previously was a Vice President for another GOP firm, The Tarrance Group.  She graduated cum laude from Georgetown University's School of Foreign Service with a B.S. in International Politics.  She lives in Golden with her aspiring biologist daughter and future Major League baseball player son.

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Kathryn Hahne is a Director at New Bridge Strategy, an opinion research company specializing in public policy and campaign research. 

Kathryn has worked on a variety of political and public affairs campaigns across the country on topics including ballot measure campaigns, corporate image and brand research, conservation and land use, education, and health care. Prior to joining New Bridge Strategy, she was a Senior Research Assistant and Project Director with Public Opinion Strategies. 

Kathryn graduated from The Frank Batten School of Leadership and Public Policy at the University of Virginia with a B.A. in Public Policy and a B.A. in Foreign Affairs. She resides in Denver, Colorado where she enjoys hiking, skiing, and volunteering for Girls on the Run.

“It was my business to cross the bridge…” ~ Ernest Hemingway, The Old Man at the Bridge