We listen. We clarify. We assess and re-assess.

We conduct research to understand where people are and how we can create the connections that help our clients bridge divides. Opinion research is the foundation of this work – both qualitative (traditional and online focus groups and in-depth interviews) and quantitative surveys (on-line, phone, and hybrids). 

Our clients span many interests and industries, but we have special expertise in the following: 


Ballot Measure Campaigns

We have helped craft winning state and local ballot measures in dozens of campaigns around the country on issues ranging from education to gaming to water quality.

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Conservation & Outdoor Recreation

We have more experience talking to voters, sportsmen, and decision-makers regarding water quality and supply, public lands, and wildlife than any other firm on our side of the aisle.

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From funding to testing innovative reforms at the K-12 level and working with universities, we are committed to helping improve the education our children receive.

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From the national to the local level, our research has helped renewable energy clients expand and innovate.



From rethinking our nation’s policies to catastrophic insurance events such as flooding, to understanding how home owners and drivers think about insurance and the trade-offs inherent in government regulations of these markets, we have interviewed consumers, agents and policy experts throughout the nation on insurance-related issues.

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Health Care

We have explored every facet of this complex issue, from addressing health care costs and access, to medical liability tort reform, to hospital regulatory changes.



Our specialty is understanding the qualities, attributes and issues that will move voters. We have spent years listening to voters – particularly women voters – to understand the information that shifts opinions and seals campaign victories.

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From funding local roads projects to re-thinking American priorities to increase transit, we have a firm foundation in every aspect of how people get where they need to go.



What makes a good team and an effective leader? How do voters perceive employers today and what policies will they embrace or reject for the workplace? We have talked about nearly every aspect of the modern workplace, including technology, flexibility, and government policies that affect the workplace, from unions to scheduling requirements to family leave.